Gutter Cleaning for Your Home, The Best Source for Clean Gutters

Why Is Gutter Cleaning Necessary

The positioning of gutters in a home means that they’ll inevitably accumulate tree twigs, pine needles and other forms of debris and, for the gutters to continue working optimally, the dirt has to be removed. For most people that is what gutter cleaning means yet there’s more to it than simply removing the dirt and debris. In fact debris removal is just a small part of gutter maintenance and the pro that comes to clean your gutters does more than merely remove dirt. What then does pro gutter cleaning entail?


Debris Removal

As noted above, gutters will not function as well as they should if they are full of debris. The first action when undertaking gutter cleaning will be to remove the dirt and debris that could have collected both on the roof and the gutters. If you live in a property that is surrounded by plenty of trees chances are that twigs and leaves from the trees have found their way into the gutters and these have to be removed to make sure that they don’t clog the gutters.

While trees are a source of much of much of the debris that you are likely to find in gutters, it is important to note that there are many other sources. It is therefore not uncommon to find a lot of children’s toys in the gutters. When they have not been cleaned for some time, it is also likely that you’ll find pests such as bees, wasps and birds residing in the gutters. Gutters filled with debris will usually be unable to drain water effectively and the retention of moisture will provide ideal condition for the growth of moss and other kinds of weeds further compounding the problem of pest infestation. Removal of the debris is therefore a necessary first step in gutter cleaning.

Inspection of the Gutters and the Drainage System

In addition to removing the dirt and debris in your gutters, a pro cleaner should be able to tell you about the true condition of your gutters and the drainage system. Could the gutters be sagging? Are they sloped well enough to enable water flow? Are there damaged or missing parts? What about the downspouts? Are they clear of clogging and therefore able to deliver water from the gutters? In summary, a pro will inspect not just the gutters but also the entire drainage system, identify problems that could inhibit the ability of the gutters to function well and also give advice on the steps you need to take. Pro gutter cleaning therefore becomes a very thorough exercise.

Gutter Cleaning Is Preventative Maintenance

Gutters might look inconsequential but are you aware that they are central to your property’s well being? In fact, neglecting gutters is equivalent to neglecting your entire property because once the gutters are no longer working the way they should they are capable of causing damage on a grand scale. Clogged gutters will therefore overflow with rain water which will then run down the walls damaging paint and plaster. Such waters eventually collect around the property’s foundation weakening it or causing it to crack. The kind of costs you’ll then incur repairing a cracked foundation or re-painting your property will certainly be prohibitive.

Malfunctioning gutters could also damage precious landscaping and the entire plant life on a property. Should such gutters also lead to flooding, both the exteriors and interiors of the property will be put at great risk – flood waters inside the property will damage furniture, wooden floors, carpets, etc. This is why the simple act of gutter cleaning should be viewed as an integral part of a property’s preventative maintenance.